Friday, April 15, 2005

A Faith to Live by: Understanding Christian Doctrine, by Donald Macleod, 343 pp.

This book began as two series of lectures that Professor Macleod, a Free Church of Scotland theologian, delivered. Professor Macleod has an impressive gift for making the complex simple. In twenty-six chapters he deals admirably with most of the main and sub points of dogmatics from scripture and the Trinity to hell and heaven. The confessionally Reformed reader will appreciate the chapters and benefit greatly.

One might want to put some question marks in the margins of the chapter on creation where he is not hostile to the thought of the universe being thousands of millions of years old. He suggests we might do well to interpret the six days as creation eras rather than days as we know them. He does, however, reject Darwinism.

One may not agree with every thought or turn of phrase, but there is much to be learned and gained from reading this popular exposition of the points of theology. One can only admire Macleod's facility as a teacher.