Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Today was a significant day for Dora and me: the day our first grandchild was born. Ava Elise van Popta was born at 12:54 AM to our eldest son, Matthew, and his lovely wife, Sharon. We woke up to a telephone call at 1:45 AM and the ecstatic voice of our son saying, "Hi Gramps!" After getting the basics we cruised down to the hospital to meet Ava. As a father, uncle and minister I have held many babies. But holding one's grandchild is a special experience. Hard to describe. It has something to do with her being the child of our children – children who love the Lord and are committed to raising their child in the ways of the Lord. As I am my granddaughter's minister, I will, Lord willing, administer baptism to her. What a privilege to administer the sign and seal of God's covenant promises to one's grandchild – the sign by which one is visibly grafted into the church. Humbling. God is good.