Friday, October 03, 2003

Every year tourists ask Banff Park staff
thousands of questions, and some of these queries are memorable indeed!

1. Do you drain Lake Louise and paint the bottom to get it that colour?

2. Where do the bears come out to pose?

3. When you make noise on the trail, what language should you use?

4. Just how radioactive are the hot springs, in terms of rads per hour?

5. Can we take a whale-watching cruise on Lake Minnewanka?

6. We want to climb a mountain tomorrow. Which one is available?

7. How far are you from Niagara Falls?

8. Are there crocodiles in Lake Louise?

9. We are driving to British Columbia. Can we change our money into
pounds here or do we have to do it at the border?

10. At what elevation does a moose become an elk?

11. How do I get to Yahoo National Park?

12. Do the campgrounds allow camping?

13. What's the white stuff on the mountains?

14. What kind of monkeys are there in the park?

15. Where is the canal where we can ride the gondola?

16. Why is there no McDonald's at the Columbia Icefields?

17. Which direction is north in Canada?

18. What time of year do the Columbia Icefields melt?

19. Are there any undiscovered lakes around here?

20. There are a lot of animals in the park. Can we rent firearms?