Monday, December 30, 2002

Yesterday I was serving as a guest preacher somewhere. Five very bright spotlights were shining on the pulpit (what were they thinking?). For me, a primary migraine trigger. Sure enough, two minutes into the service I felt a migraine coming on with all the classic symptoms of bright flashes, blind spots and "whirling wheels" (Ezekiel-like wheels inside wheels spinning ad nauseum). When it was time to read the scripture, I could not read. The words were spinning in circles on the page. I asked an elder to read the scripture lessons. Thankfully, I had preached the sermon a few weeks back in my own congregation and it was still quite fresh in my mind. I've had migraines before and after worship services, but this was the first time I had one during. I hope it's the last. I suppose the test as to whether or not the sermon was coherent will be whether or not I'm ever invited to preach there again.