Friday, November 08, 2002

Today the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution aimed at forcing Iraq to disarm. Jean Chretien, the Canadian Prime Minister, called it "a key and constructive step" to address the threat posed by Iraq's arsenal. He's probably right. I don't often agree with Mr. Chretien, but he's probably right here. However, what if Iraq does not comply? Do we blow the daylights out of them again? What about the Church in Iraq? Iraq is about the only Middle East country in which Christians have a measure of freedom of worship. Sadam Hussein is hard to like, but if the West topples him, Iraq will likely descend into a spiral of chaos with every tribal leader fighting for control. That will be misery for Christians and the Church there. The near unanimous vote to reconfirm Hussein's presidency a few weeks ago was a joke, but I can imagine the Christians (if they voted) cast a ballot in favour. Better the devil you know than the choas that would devolve upon Iraq if that devil were cast out.