Thursday, July 04, 2002

As it has been more than two weeks since I added to my blog I thought I'd better jot a few lines in case anyone who ever reads this would think I've been raptured and he/she got left behind.

We have been "enjoying" a sizzling heat wave in Southern Ontario (btw, it's typically Canadian to talk or write about the weather. A typical Canadian conversation starter is: "Cold [hot/wet/dry/humid] enough for ya'?"). Today it was 35 C with the humidex marking out at 44 C. Thankful for central air.....

The day before yesterday, July 1, Canada celebrated Canada Day. (We used to call it "Dominion Day" but I think that's politically incorrect now.) Tomorrow the USA celebrates Independance Day. Isn't the USA the product of a revolution against good old King George III? Wouldn't it be better to call it "Revolution Day"?