Monday, February 04, 2002

King James Version
Apparently, King James I tried his hand at creating metrical versions of the Psalms. He even attempted to have his versions adopted by the churches. His work on Psalm 1 serves to illustrate why we can be happy the churches resisted his effort: (original spelling retained)

1. That mortal man most happy is and blest
Who in the wickeds counsals doth not walk,
nor zit in sinners wayis doth stay and rest,
Nor sittis in seatis of skornfull men in talk,
2. Bot contrair fixis his delicht
Into Jehouas law
And on his law, both dan and nicht
To think is neuer slaw.
3. He salbe lyk a pleasant plantit tree,
Vpon a reurer syde incressing tal,
That yieldis his frute in saison dew, se see;
Whose plesant leif doth neuer fade nor fal.
Now this is surely for to say
That quhat he takis in hand,
It sal wighoutin doute alway
Most prosperously stand.
4. Bot wickit men ar nowayis of that band;
But as the caffe quhinch be the wind is tost;
5. Thairfor they sall not in that iugement stand
nor yett amont the iust