Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ottawa Ministers

Four of the five former (one of them also a future) ministers of Ottawa Canadian Reformed Church happened to be at a wedding yesterday. They are, left to right:
George van Popta (1987-1992; 2008- ), Gerhard Visscher (1983-1986), Hendrik Krabbendam (1960-1964), John van Popta (1993-1998). Marc Jagt (1999-2007) was not there.


Bloom where you're planted said...

What a neat picture to 'capture' the four of you together in one location. I especially think my uncles look smashing! When do you head off to Ottawa?
niece deborah

George van Popta said...

We are moving in August.

I think UJ is wearing orange in honour of the Dutch soccer team.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. It also struck me how those VanPopta brothers have such great taste...or maybe their wives do. :) I wonder if I bought something burnt orange if Wes would wear it...Moores does have a sale on right now.

Anonymous said...

Was Ottawa vacant from 1964 to 1983? That’s almost 20 years without a minister?!?!?!

George van Popta said...

Yes, they were vacant for 19 years between Krabbendam and Visscher. A long time!