Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here is a little piece I wrote 13 years ago on the topic of the admission of guests to the Lord's table. No article is timeless, and this one is coloured by its local and temporal circumstances, but perhaps it may still be of some use to the reader. Admission of Guests to the Lord's Table


George van Popta said...

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I like the article. The 1970's seem to be a time for re-thinking the manner of fencing. Perhaps that is why, when we initially agreed that the OPC was a true church in 1977, we also created a new approach to them and established a "temporary form of ecclesiastical contact," and did not go the way of eccl'l fellowship/sister-church. For there were many questions.

But it seems to me all the things that changed the CRC view are present in the OPC view, in its intent and trajectory. While we ourselves do not want to adopt their practice, which often has the people simply passing it from person to person in the row (others may have different anecdotal data), we do consider their practice as what a true church does in obedience to Christ.

It just seems odd that Jesus would tell the Can Ref the elders have to have an attestation or direct knowledge you are a member in good standing, while He tells the OPC that they can only verbally warn, it being solely left to the individual and their conscience whether they can partake? What their home congregation has to say does not seem critical.

Anonymous said...


Not sure the Lord Jesus tells us that specifically how to guard the table. We must guard the table, but that can be done different ways (as many things in church life can be done different ways). I think the Can Ref way is better than what I have seen in OPC contexts, but I'd not dare say the OPC way is sinful.