Wednesday, June 05, 2019


Recently I was at the Canadian soldier cemetery in Groesbeek, Gelderland, The Netherlands. 2,600 Canadian war dead (WW II) are buried there. The cemetery was deeded to Canada in perpetuity so that the guys would be buried on Canadian soil. We saw gravestones for boys still in their late teens and early twenties. Very moving! I thought in light of the commemoration of D-Day I'd post a few of my photos.

Canadian soil in the Netherlands
Signing the register

So young!
A Jewish soldier
Known only to God

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Ina said...

In 1976 I also visited this place of commemoration. Then I was too young to understand the sacrifice of so many Canadian, American and other families so that we can live in peace but in the following decades that changed. I will remember them, with gratitude and humility. Thanks for posting this here and on FB!