Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ottawa's six ministers

Here you see a picture of the six ministers that have served Jubilee Church in Ottawa
Left to right: Rev. Gerhard Visscher, Rev. Marc Jagt, Rev. Hendrik Krabbendam, Rev. John van Popta, Rev. George van Popta, Rev. George van Popta
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Unknown said...

Is Rev. Visscher holding his "trophy wife"? :)

Unknown said...

Yeah, let's keep that mustache nothing more than a memory...;D

Anonymous said...

You aged well, George! You grew a few inches!


Anonymous said...

In true Uncle George humor!
Love it!!
Love your niece,

TBH said...

HA HA HA!! That is so funny!! I think Rev. John agrees with me....

Anonymous said...

Oh. She's so...Teeny!

That was classic!