Monday, March 09, 2009

Office-bearers Workshop

This past Saturday, we (the ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Lisbon, NY, the Free Church in Smiths Falls, the United Reformed Church of Brockville, and the Canadian Reformed Church of Ottawa) and our churches sponsored an office-bearers workshop in Lisbon, NY, for our four churches plus the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Lisbon. We are all small churches -- "We may not be big, but we're small." 

About two dozen men attended. Rev. Raymond Sikkema spoke for us. He gave three speeches on the theme of The Personal Life and Character Development of the Office-bearer. They were entitled: The Scriptural Idea/Biblical Basis for Office; The Personal life and character development of the Office-bearer; The Responsibilities of the Office-bearer. The speeches can be heard here. They were good, and we had very fruitful discussions. The ladies of Lisbon OPC provided hospitality. 

Every six weeks, we ministers (there's a new OPC minister coming soon) get together for breakfast, discussion of a topic, and prayer. The fellowship among the brothers is good.


Anonymous said...

A bunch of years ago, Rose and I stayed at B and B in Smiths Falls operated by a retired Free Church minister and his wife. At that time they were attending an RP church in town. Is that church still there?

George van Popta said...

The RP church is gone but there is now a Free Church (continuing) there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links!
Rose B.