Tuesday, October 07, 2008


One often hears about how a Canadian can't find a family doctor. Hmm... Not my experience. Yesterday I thought I'd make some work of it. Two phone calls and I had a meet-and-greet set up with a doctor minutes away from our home. By afternoon I had a doc. And a very good one at that, if first impressions don't disappoint. The Canadian Healthcare system is really not that bad. If you live in Ontario, here's a helpful resource.


Unknown said...

I live here in Langley and I actually had 2 family doctors offer to be my family doctor and also take my husband and 4 kids!! Although, my mom says where they live in rural Alberta, it is difficult. But I never had a problem here. I had a really tough time in Hamilton. I managed to get a good one through a co-worker. Before that I was given a list there of doctors looking for patients and tried a few. ALL were terrible (dust on the Q-tips in the office, dirt everywhere, always made me wait for over an hour with no good excuse, and one was an obvious smelly alcoholic doctor who later got his license taken.

So maybe it depends where you live. I hope your doctor turns out to be a professional.

Anonymous said...

That last one that Rose mentioned was actually *almost* funny. He was also a coroner. One time we were waiting for him in an examination room and through the cardboard thin walls, we could hear him discussing the gory details of a death with someone or other. It was like something out of a TV show.

George van Popta said...

Kinda' surreal.

Anonymous said...

Here in Prince George, more than 20% of the population can't get a family doctor. We managed to get one because our foster child had one assigned to him!

The lineup outside the walk-in clinic every afternoon before it opens is reminiscent of a breadline.

So it's not like Ottawa everywhere! That being said, I'm glad your experience has been better! :-)

JVE said...

I've got a decent doctor at MAC.. but that's only as long as I stay in school (guess I could stay in school for life... NOT!!!)

I know my parents have a 30-45min drive to the doctor... and were on a waiting list for quite a while. They finally got a doctor cause they needed one for ongoing medical needs. Where they live, urgency and why you need a doctor dictates who gets one first.. and then it might be a ways away, not in your closest town

George van Popta said...

I guess we've been "lucky." In Ancaster, we had, for all 11 years we lived there, a good doctor a 2 minute walk from our house.