Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chester in his new place

Here's Chester as he now looks, living at Sarah's. He looks well and happy.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing him when we visited your home in Ancaster. We happened to visit your home about two days after reading an article in Credenda Agenda by Doug Wilson or Nancy Wilson (I think it was Nancy) about how you can tell who is the head of the home by what is on their walls and the colors, etc. We had to chuckle because we walked into your home and there was this very masculine piece in a home where if I remember correctly had mauroon counters and quite a bit of pink. We thought, "Now that is a balanced home!"

Nancy and Doug would frown seeing our home with the 90s look....flowers and lots of pale pinks walls. We didn't have a choice although our living room has a number of masculine wildlife art.

Rose B.

George van Popta said...

I could lend you Chester? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Wes would LOVE that. You should have seen the look of disgust on a certain member of the C of A when Wes walked around the house with him and Wes said, "Now the only thing missing on this pink wall is a nice big moose head!" We realized then that we certainly were NO longer living in a northern redneck area. Then they showed us the huge garage and Wes said, "Wow, you could easily butcher something in here!" Poor Wes...just couldn't measure up. LOL

Rose B

George van Popta said...

Oh yes, the pink walls (in the addition). That was some designers' idea (which I, against better judgment, let them get away with). Before long Dora painted them a nice slate gray because I couldn't stand the pink. My granddaughter's princess bicycle is pink. That's the right place for pink.

And I hope Wes gets his moose some day.