Friday, May 23, 2008

Psalm 68

The Battle Hymn of the Reformation.


Eric said...

Ohhhhh that horrid lead-in note :-(
LOL at the 4:30 point.

Unknown said...

WOW... I loved it!

2 observations:

The row of young folks who weren't singing could use some of the organist's intensity I think.

And did anyone else spot Rev. Bosch in there? LOL

Doulanic said...

That was a magnificient noise! Questions though ... where was this? I can imagine the acoustics in that building would be just grande! and was this an actual worship service?? if so, there are a few things that struck me as odd.

George van Popta said...

It was not a worship service by a 50th anniversary concert in the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed that!! I haven't sung dutch in years and yet I started singing along with the first verse! It wants me to get out the old dutch Psalm book and sing it in dutch. It seemed so meaningful and brought back memories.
Sister Jo

Anonymous said...

Brought back memories... because you learned these when you were young, and now you were older you appreciate that these songs are still sung! Hopefully your children can say the same when they are older... Psalm 68 should be okay... it is not revised on