Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coffee Shop Merger

I heard that Tim Hortons, Starbucks and Second Cup are going to merge. Yes, merge into one huge coffee shop chain that is going to take over all of North America. It's true. And the name of the new chain is "TimBuckTwo."


Eric said...

Check out http://www.michaelclark.name/jokes/lists/mergers.shtml
for more mergers.
UPS and Fedex are also going to merge. The new company will be called Fed UP.

Unknown said...

Now, now, don't tease! Rich and I were starting to be excited about the prospect of that merger, only to have our hopes dashed, and a good laugh!
Ange VdB

Irene said...

gotta love a nice cheesy joke once in awhile ... well, ok, when cheesy jokes are involved more is always better!