Monday, January 07, 2008

Fall clean-up in January

As it is a balmy 14 C today (still 14 at 10:30 PM!), the snow is melting rapidly. That's OK, except it means I had to do some Fall clean-up today. The snow sort of snuck up on us this year. Our regular 50 big bags of leaves were still spread out over the yard and ended up under a couple feet of snow. What a mess now. I did some raking today.


Anonymous said...

And we have fresh snow today!

Eric said...

I got some of my raking done before the snow came but my back yard wasn't so lucky. I have just done most of it now making use of my porch light as the days aren't long enough yet.

George van Popta said...

Basically we got it done today. We raked all the leaves into our many flower beds. I'm really, really hoping that they nicely moulder over the winter and that I can just dig them in come Spring. I'm told Maple leaves have a lot of nutrients in them. Am I right?