Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Referendum Ontario

Referendum Ontario

I plan to vote "No" on the MMP referendum, for the following reasons:

1. I don't like the hybrid -- either stay FPTP or go true rep. by pop.;
2. Once I heard the "affirmative action" spin, I'd pretty well heard enough;
3. It's not clear to me to whom the list candidates will be accountable;
4. It seems like a cool way for premiers to reward their cronies;
5. The FPTP ("Westmister") system may not be perfect, but neither is the Italian...


Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor George,
I plan to vote yes in the referendum on MMP. While I don't like the Greens, the fact that this radical left wing party can receive 5% of the vote and not elect a member is not a testament to their political ineptitude but rather points to an unaccountable democratic system. When we see it from the other end of the political spectrum, we will see that the FCP can never, under FPTP, conceivably elect an MP in any riding. With even 3% of the vote they can, under MMP, elect members to provincial parliament. As a neo-post-modern, I find having my individual voice respected on an equal level with liberals an appealing concept. This concept is entirely British. Thankfully, in western society, there is truly no topic beyond debate; one must just allow neo-con-post-moderns into the debate.
Mark Veenman

George van Popta said...

"Neo-con-post-moderns." Nice, Mark. I'm still going to vote no. MMP will mean endless backroom deals to erect shaky coalitions. At least with FPTP, a party gets to govern for awhile. You may not like the party in power, but at least they get a crack at it. Then we can "throw the bums out." Sure, the FCP might get someone in, but so might the Militant Sons of Islam, the GLTB, the Marijuana Party, etc. I'm not sure things would be better. We don't need to be sitting in the Legislature to have our neo-con-post-modern voices heard. I don't think the premise that we need "our guy" in the House to be heard is right.