Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Our three grandchildren

Lincoln George van Popta (1 day old)

Juliana Christine van Popta (5 weeks old)

Ava Elise van Popta (18 months old)

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amymom24 said...

Very cute pics, especially the one of my neice:) Congratulations with the new addition to the family!

Nancy-Mom said...

Congratulations with the new grandchild. Isn't it wonderful to have grandchildren ? you can spoil them and then send them home for mom and dad to 'unspoil'
Thanks as well for the pictures of Mrs. Mulders 80th. Nice to see they are still doing well. God is good.
Read your blog from time to time, got you on my favorites.
Hi and congrats to Dora as well.
Ben and Nancy

George van Popta said...

Thanks, Nancy. Yes, grandparenting is great!
Hope you are well. "Hi" to Ben.