Monday, June 07, 2010

Stricken Dumb

Yesterday morning I was preaching on Romans 10:14-21 and really emphasizing that it's not about the preacher but about the message, which is Christ -- when my voice gave out, completely. I was almost struck dumb; I could only squawk. A tickle in the throat all week had become laryngitis. I had about 5 minutes of sermon to do. I tried a sip of water and yet could only squawk. I squawked to the duty elder, "Fred, you are going to have to finish the sermon for me." Thankfully, I had a full manuscript of the sermon. He entered the pulpit and finished what I had begun. The poetry of the moment was eloquent. It's not about the preacher but the message, which is Christ.


JVE said...

lol, it's ok that I have a chuckle over this right?

Hope that the laryngitis doesn't last too long! I had a bout of it not too long ago and it started just like yours.

George van Popta said...

Of course you may chuckle. We all did. Actually, after a good rest, my voice mostly came back. I was able to preach in the PM with the help of the PA. I found a place in my voice that work, spoke very softly, though I sounded a bit like Brian Mulroney.

Mrs. Bob said...

wow, way to punctuate your message! :)