Friday, August 29, 2008

More CBC nihilism

What is CBC thinking? Today they killed off the 23-year old DiscDrive with Jurgen Gothe. Too white. Too European. Jurgen, sacrificed on the altar of CBC multi-culti nihilism. Jurgen, the guy with the voice to die for. Listen for doses of Eastern spirituality and music.


Eric said...

Maybe it's time to start another radio network that has the same interesting types of music. Perhaps Toronto's Classical 96.3fm can be of help with that and join the new network and play a wider variety of orchestral music. Let's look into government funding.
While I'm dreaming I may as well work on getting the gas prices down to under a buck. :-P

Mrs. Bob said...

i, for one, will miss that show. it's been on for a good long time!
and i loved his voice too. :)

Unknown said...

Howard Dyck is gone as of this weekend as well :-(.