Thursday, November 01, 2007

Today I got word from Insurance Guy that the Saturn SL1 cannot be fixed. 't was what I expected, but I'm still sad. I kept meticulous care of the car and it caused me no misery. The only time something went wrong it was still under warranty. The only happy thing is that Buddy of my Son slammed down trunk lid while trunk was overstuffed with camping gear and broke off the power trunk opener. I had never gotten around, yet, to fixing it. Saved Buddy of Son a couple hundred bucks there. The most wretched things are (a) argue with Insurance Guy about pay out; (b) waste valuable ministry time finding a replacement.


Lisa B. said...

I know someone who had the same thing happened to her and her dear Saturn. She loved the Saturn so much, she bought another. You should check out Haldimand Motors in Cayuga. We bought our last three vehicles there. All the best.

Unknown said...

I've always been more than happy with insurance payouts. For example, I once bought a car for $2800 and received $4200 from insurance 14 months later when I rolled it. My wife bought a car for $2500 and we received $2200 for it three years later when someone broke into it and rolled it down the hill into our neighbour's car.

amymom24 said...

Too bad about the car! I'm glad Mrs. vP is OK. Kevin bought his '95 Saturn in '02 and we too have had nary a complaint. Hope you find an even better one:)