Friday, October 27, 2006

A PoMo Credo: "Just because something is true doesn't mean I have to believe it."

As read in Report Magazine... "One girl (at an RC college), told that medical observation shows that a very young fetus feels pain, replied: Yes, but what science says doesn't matter. Just because something is true doesn't mean I have to believe it."


Stuart Harsevoort said...

I always found it amazing how much of the "it may be true for you, but it's not true for me" thinking is actually out there, especially in universities.

You almost have to ask, if that is true, then how do we get any research done?

Anonymous said...

Do we as Christians believe 'everything' the scientific community tell us?

George van Popta said...

No. I don't. Do you?

Stuart Harsevoort said...

I certainly don't beleive everything that the scientific community tells us... but that's because everything they tell us isn't the truth.

God gave us reasoning minds for a reason, not so that we can reason our way around the real truth, but so that we can find it.

The quote would be funnier if what it expresses wasn't so widespread in society today.

Anonymous said...

perhaps a better way of expressing myself would be: how many faithful reformed ministers threw out their cigarettes, cigars, and/or pipes when the US surgeon general issued his report connecting tobacco products and various forms of cancer back in the 1960's?

Her point could be taken that just because you have this particular fact does not mean that it overthrows all the other things that protect and reinforce my worldview.