Friday, September 15, 2006

The Law vs. Christian Expression -

A troubling new resource for Canadian girls.

Much controversy has been generated over a publication called The Little Black Book. It is a guide to teenage girls' sexuality meant for girls in grades 9-12.

Among other "facts", the book states that only ten percent of people are heterosexual. The rest are homosexual or bi-sexual. This "fact" is presented without any footnote or source.

It is also very pro-choice.

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Anonymous said...

I'd tend to think that they are refering to being psychologically bisexual or homosexual, rather than actually practicing one of the two. Of course at best that would be conjecture, since one cannot analyze the minds and psychology of every human being... I don't buy it though.

Then again, Freud liked to use the term 'sexuality' to refer to emotion, selfishness, jealousy, and a broad range of other emotions... part of why he's so controversial, since most of us think of only one thing when we hear the word 'sexual'. The book in question would be deliberately misleading if it attempted to teach Freudian hogwash without fully explaining it to the reader (and I'm betting that the average 9-12 grade girl is not well versed in freudian thought processes...)