Thursday, August 10, 2006

This is a mystery to me. Why has the lib-left sided with Hezbollah and other Islamist terrorists? Think about it: They are siding with those who refuse girls an education, execute girls for getting raped, and demand that women hide in their homes or under layers of clothing. The lib-left feminists are siding with the ultimate misogynists. I don't understand. The only reason I can come up with is that the lib-left hates Israel, the USA, and even Western society and that they love those who hate those whom they hate. At bottom, liberals are nihilists.


Rev. Rob Schouten said...

A bracing antidote to some of the left-wing media can be found at Miraculously, David Warren's columns are still published by the Ottawa Citizen and, occasionally, by the National Post. Of course, he also appears in The Western Standard. It is encouraging that most of the Canadian print media seems to be supporting Israel in its current struggle for survival. As for the CBC? Well, that's another story.

George van Popta said...


The Western Standard is my monthly breath of fresh from the West. Wouldn't do without it!

Anonymous said...

the enemy of my enemy is my friend.